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Holiday House Pellestrina

  • Destination: Lagoon, Pellestrina, Venice

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Included servicies:

  • Bike for the entire path;
  • Insurance coverage;
  • Miniguide of the locality;
  • Use of the library of Ape Tours.
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The island of Pellestrina is a characteristic and colorful strip of land between sea and lagoon, 11 km long and a hundred metres wide, although it is believed that, before undergoing the erosion of the sea, was approximately double. The coast from 1744 is defended by “murazzi” for its entire length that is an huge barrier of ground and rocks able to hold off the coastal storm. In addition in 1996, as additional protection was built a wide beach. Originally the island was composed by two sections of island separated by a harbour mouth in the central zone. This zone was later bury and named Portosecco.

Regarding the origin of the name Pellestrina, the history takes us back to a Syracuse named Philistus that was exiled in Adria in  386 B.C and would have done dig a ditch to link the Adige and the Venetian Lagoon. These ancient ditches were called also Pistrine, Pelestrine and Pilistine frome which the current name. Another popular version derive from the words “pelle strana”(strange skin) in reference to the skin of the fishermen forced to work all day in a boat. The island of Pellestrina was permanently populated up to the War of Chioggia that led up to the destruction of most of the inhabitants. But in 1380, the Doge Contarini has started the reconstruction sending for this purpose four families from Chioggia, “the Vianello, the Busetto, the Scarpa and the Zennaro“. Nowadays these are the most common surnames of the island and represent the four district wherein splits Pellestrina.

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