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Useful information for the travellers

Below are reported some useful information for the travelers. Apetours remains at your disposal for any clarification.

Drive in foreign countries

To drive within the member states of the European Union(excluding theRussian Federation)and in some not-European countries is sufficient the Italian driving license. The situation changes when you go to the USA.or other countries outside Europe.

To drive in the USA.is required international driving permit (also called international driving license). The International Driving Permit is simply a translation of the national driver’s license so it can not be used independently but it must always be accompanied by the national license not expired.

To get the international driving license is necessary to go to an office on the engine and complete the following steps:

  • Complete the application on the model TT 746, available at the counters of motorization.
  • Make a deposit of € 9,00 c / c 9001 intestate  to “Department of Land Transport” – Rights – Rome
  • Make a deposit of € 14.62 c / c 4028 intestate to “Department of Land Transport” – Stamp duty – Rome (the pre-printed bulletin is available at post offices and the offices of the engine)
  • Submit two recent passport photos, where one of which must be legalized by the municipality or engine
  • Present the national driving license valid with a photocopy two-sided.

To drive in other countries outside Europe it is necessary to assess for each individual country conventions and regulations to which they refer.If you have to go to some not-European country, please visit www.viaggiaresicuri.itandselect the “viability” connected to the country that interests you.

Green card

The green card is the international certificate of insurance that allows a vehicle to enter and circulate in a foreign country being in compliance with the obligation of the insurance RCA(Car Liability).

Residents of Italy may request it at your insurer RCA. It is not required in the European Union and many others countries.To know in which countries is require a green card, you canvisitwww.ucimi.it.

Travel documents

To travel in the country is sufficient to show one of the following identity documents: 

  • Identity card,
  • Passport,
  • Driving license,
  • Boating license,
  • Pension card,
  • License for the operation of heating plants,
  • Firearms,
  • Identification cards with a photo and signature stamp or other equivalent, issued by a contracting state.

Attention: If you need to travel with the plane is better to use an identity card or passport because the other documents may not be accepted by some airlines.

Identity card extended

In many foreign countries,the extended identity card is not accepted as a valid document and therefore it is recommended, in case of travelling in foreign countries to obtain a new identity card even if the extended is still valid.

Travel in Europe

To travel in the Schengen States or in foreign countries outside the Schengen area, the applicant must always be in possession of a recognized document valid for crossing the border, which can be:

  • Identity cardvalid for the expat
  • Passport
  • The pass for less than fifteen years, specifically provided for in the Europe Agreementon Movement of Persons between Member States of the Council of Europe.

Pass and Identity card for minors

With the law of 12 July 2011, n. 106, it was introduced the principle of the issue of identity cards to minors. Therefore the minor can now have an identity card, also valid for foreign travel, starting from the day of Birth and then the institution of the permit is in fact become obsolete.

Children and boys travelling

All minors to travel must be in possession of an identity card for European countries, valid identity card or passport for travel abroad.

They are valid for foreign identity cards that do not bear on the back the words:NOT VALID TO FOREIGN TRAVEL.

Until the 14 years old children can leave the country only if:

  • Accompanied by at least one parent o rguardian with whom(eg: legal guardian) In this case the document of the child must be given the names of the parents or guardian or, alternatively,the same must present at the time of’expatriation family status or birth certificate of the child or the documentation of the appointment as guardian.
  • Entrusted with an accompanying with statement accompanying.
  • Entrusted with accompanying statement by the parents orby the operator sparental authority to an entity (eg:airline).

Completed 14 years of age minors can travel unaccompanied in both european and not-European destinations.

However, some airlines or shipping requires specific documentation for the child who travels accompanied by persons that are not parents,so you need to inquire from time to time.

For more information please visit: http://www.poliziadistato.it/articolo/191/


It is an identity document issued by the police headquarters.

The new model consists of an electronic passport booklet of 48 pages in a unified model. This booklet is equipped with a microchip on the cover,which contains information related to personal date, photo and fingerprints of the holder.

There is also, on page 2 of the booklet the scanned signature, with the exception of children under the age of 12 years.

It allows, for example, to enter to the USA for stays of less than 90 days,without the need to apply for a visa (VisaWaiver Program).

The temporal validity passport  depending on the age of the holder:

  • For children under 3 years validity is 3 years;
  • For children aged 3 to 18 years, the validity is 5 years;
  • For olders is 10 years.

The expired passports can not be renewed.

Documents required for passport

  • The passport application form, duly filled in and signed by the person concerned. It’can be downloaded from the websitehttps://www.passaportonline.poliziadistato.it/
  • Presentation of an identity document;
  • Two recent photos (identical,frontal, full-color format 35 x40 mm);
  • Receipt of payment of the cost of the book and its government tax for the use of the passport;
  • In case where the applicant has children under the age of 18, written and signed consent to the release by the other parent, regardless of the marital status of the applicant (single /never married, married, separated or divorced);


Cost of the passport

Since 24 june, 2014 has been introduced an administrative fee of € 73.50 (to be purchased in the form of a mark in the electronic resale of stamps before you show up with the documentation in the Office issuing passports) for the issuance of ordinary passports, including the issue in favor of minors, in addition to the cost of the book (equal to € 42.50)

N.B. Those who have purchased the electronic label from € 40.29 will integrate with a further mark from € 33.21. At the same time abolished the fee and the annual release of the ordinary passport, (hence the contribution of € 73.50 is valid until the end of the document) as well as the release of the collective passport (€ 2.58 for each member of the group, excluding the group leader and under the age of 10).

For holders of a valid passport who want to go abroad do not have to pay the annual fee.

Validity of the annual stamp

The sign is located only in the event of departure and has a validity of 365 days from the date of issue of the passport. For subsequent years, it refers to the date of issue of the passport.

This tax is not expected to travel in the European Union.

Passport for children and boys

The entry of the child in the parent’s passport is no valid from27.06.2012. From this date the child can travel in Europe and abroad with only a travel document individually. At the same time the passports of the parents of minor children with inscriptions remain valid only for the holder until the deadline.

Minors are issued the new passport booklet with microchip, but the legislation provides that only since the age of 12 years are acquired fingerprints and digitized signature. On booklets today released are inserted date (also in English and French) of the surviving parents.

To required the passport for the minor child is necessary the consent of both parents (married, cohabiting, separated, divorced or parents.).

The ten-year passports issued to minors before the date of entry into force of the new legislation (25 November 2009) are valid until their natural expiration date.

You should consult the website http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for useful information on the country that you are visiting and the ticket needed.

Travel in the USA

From the 12 January 2009 those wishing to enter the United States by taking advantage of the Visa Waiver Program, which allows you to travel without a visa, they must apply for authorization to travel electronics,(ESTA-Electronic System for Travel Authorization)before boarding inside the means of transport, air or sea, on route to the United States.

  • This procedure is also applied to those who are in transit in the United States with final destination in another country. To travel to the United States without a visa, taking advantage of the “Visa Waiver Program passports are valid the following:
  • Electronic passport;
  • Machine-readable passports issued or renewed before 26 October 2005;
  • Passport with a digital photograph issued between 26 October  2005 and 26 October 2006


You can use the”Visa Waiver Program“:

  • If you are traveling exclusively for business and/or pleasure
  • If you go to the United States for not more than 90 days
  • If you have a return ticket

In the absence of even one of the requirements listed, you will need a visa.

Failure to start the USA within 90 days, affect your ability to use the program again.

Minors to benefit for the Visa Waiver Programmust be in possession of a personal passport.

Lost luggage

At the luggage claim at the airport if you do not see your suitcase on the conveyor belt do immediately complaint to the appropriate office”Lost& Foundwhich is located in the luggage reclaim hall. If you leave the airport until you have done the right complaint you miss any possible compensation.

You will be shown a card with various types of bag to help you fill out the complaint form as detailed as possible (type,brand, size, color).

It is therefore important that before you start a label affixed to plastic(not paper that can break) with the address of your home in a clear and readable.

To recognize your luggage you can affix a small bow or colored tape so that you stand out among the best luggage.

At the time of the complaint must list the objects in the suitcase and their approximate value.

You will be given a copy of the complaint (so-called PIR) you need to solicit news on your luggage. Most of the time the luggage has not had time to be moved from one Aircraft to another (in the case of coincidences narrow) or took a different direction from yours. In both cases, you will be returned within 24-48 hours.

If you are traveling with valuables (jewelry,cash,laptop …), you must declare them at check in, otherwise in case of lost there will be no refund.

Mean while preserved the adhesive label with the number of your luggage has been delivered at the time of check in addition to tickets and receipts for the costs of necessities that you have held up for the lack of your assets.

In the case that your luggage is delivered with damage, you can request a refund within 7 days registered a / r.

European Health Insurance Card

As European citizens,if you get sick unexpectedly during a temporary stay abroad, holiday, work or study, you are entitled to medical treatment to be dispensed immediately.

In all trips abroad is best to have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The card is the physical proof that you are insured in an European country and simplifies the procedures for payment and reimbursement.

Who does not have to carry an identification card has the right to care,but is required to pay immediately and ask for a refund when you return.

The card is not needed for rescue and repatriation. For a free transfer in the country of origin in the event of a serious accident or serious illness while you are in another European country, you need to specify an insurance cover.

The card does not cover private health care or the health care costs of scheduled treatment in another European country.

In Switzerland and in France (where there is a system based on Assistance in the indirect form), more often than not prompted the payment of benefits. It is good to know that the refund can be requested directly on the spot to the competent institution (KVG for Switzerland and the CPAM responsible for France). Otherwise, the refund will be required to return to the ASL in Italy, producing receipts and health records.

For more information:http://www.salute.gov.it/.






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